The video seen here shows you part of the story – about what is inside the COMPACT RESCUE SYSTEM.  It’s the latest in Medical Kits from Mobilize Rescue Systems, and is endorsed and provided by Heiman International.

The Big Difference?  It’s simple.  This kit has all of the needed trauma gear that you’ll need to address a variety of situations – but the kicker is this:  The App that accompanies this kit is unlike anything on the market.  It takes the user through step by strep instruction based on input about the situation.


The app logs all of the information for you, so that you can show arriving EMPS your status with the patient.  It also protects you, the user.

Take a look at this website for more information today, I know you’ll be as impressed as I am.








Mobilize Rescue pg.4   CLICK this link to learn more now



Larger Industrial Kits are availble.


California Shooting UPDATES, Yoga Studio Hero & Rob Pincus Joins us – Aware & Prepared LIVE – 8pm Eastern


Man stops shooter at YOGA studio in Tallahassee

Heroes come in all sizes and abilities.    This man should be recognized for what he did to stop the killer before he could hurt more people.

Making Schools Safer in America NOW Video is now available

Part of the Solutions Section in my book, this is how I would personally address the school safety issue in order to give our children a better set of odds.


AWARE AND PREPARED LIVE – 11 Dead in Pittsburgh, another High School Shooting, & your home Security


Tree of Life Synagogue Attacked, 8 dead

Pittsburg, PA:  Sadly, 8 souls were lost in an attack by a madman today.  Several police officers were shot, and details are still emerging.



President Trump made comments recommending an armed officer in places of worship.

“This evil must end”, added VP Mike Pence.

We will be speaking in detail about protecting places of worship this week on the live show.  Stay safe, friends.