Bullying is NOT COOL

A couple of recent videos caught my attention this week. Both deal with bullies and the problem we have in America. One is simply disturbing, and the other opens up the conversation.  We will be having that conversation tonight on Aware and Prepared LIVE.  See you here at 8pm eastern….

First, this one, may be disturbing to you, because it its.

CALLIING ALL PARENTS, FRIENDS, FAMILY N AMERICAN CITIZENS.. This is my 13 yr old nephew being bullied at gunpoint in broad daylight… his mother took this video to the independence, mo. police n they have refused to do anything.. October is bullying prevention month n this is what we get from our "Law enforcement"… protect and serve who exactly.. share this w everyone n every media outlet till we get justice… derrin is a sweet kid with disabilities n did not deserve to be treated this way, threatened or to be dismissed by authorities.. this is a direct threat to his safety n human rights… n something must be done!!!!

Posted by Becky Lea Sanders on Tuesday, October 23, 2018

It is time to talk about what is wrong and what are the leading causes that make our kids act this way.






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