Do you say his name?


A friend of mine sent me this link and asked “was not mentioning his name in your book on purpose”?

CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE – “Don’t name them Campaign”

The answer is yes. Other than direct quotes, I tried my best to refer to him as the “killer” or otherwise. I don’t want to glamorize what I know to be the most evil piece of shit yet to go on trial. He has had enough mentions. Everyone knows his name. I just choose to refer to him as anything other than his given name.

I have not watched his confessions. I know what he did in gruesome detail. I know that he went back and killed people that he had previously shot. I know that he shot through people that were shielding classmates. He is the worst of the worst. I choose to keep his name from coming out of my mouth.

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