Logically Emotional in Parkland is available now via Digital Download

Parkland father switches gears after writing
Logically Emotional in Parkland: a unique perspective 

(September 24, 2018 – Parkland, Florida)  Prior to February 14th in Parkland, Kevin Reichard was an online influencer and content producer with over 50 million views online.  Part of the firearms training world as “Kevin the TacDaddy” and host of Gun News Weekly for 5 years, Kevin is an average everyday gun owner.

As a father of two students that were on campus, in the building next to the shooting, his perspective has changed dramatically since then.  His first hand experience combined with his background have led to this new book,  now available in digital form online.  The proceeds from the book are going directly to the daughter of one of the victims.

“I’ve been privileged to read excerpts from this book as it has been produced and I am looking forward to seeing how it impacts people. It is a blunt look behind a curtain that every parent has probably thought about being on the other side of. Kevin rips the curtain down and forces the reader to confront some uncomfortable truths. Regardless of whether you start from a Pro-Gun-Rights or the Pro-Gun-Control perspective, I believe this book will evolve any thoughtful person’s opinions on the topic of School Shootings, their prevention and their aftermath”.

-Rob Pincus

Rob is a Personal Defense Educator and author. He is the owner of I.C.E. Training Company & Executive Director of Personal Defense Network.

This gripping 400+ page novel contains gut wrenching moments retold from a truly ‘unique perspective’ and includes photographs and links, with four distinct parts:

Part one is the raw narrative of living through the 14th of February, ands the following months of struggles and triumphs that our family went through.  Stories about the vigils in our back yard, the funerals, back to school, the show must go on, the march, and much more are revealed in detail.  This is the emotional side of the story, the details from the ground.

Part two is titled  “Failed Leadership, More Questions Than Answers and Missed Signals”.  It is  a deep dive look at the BSO, FBI, BCPS, and specifically their leadership failures.  It also addresses many unanswered questions, and asks the ultimate question “Could the shooting in Parkland have been prevented?”

Part three is  detailed look into “Guns in America”.  It covers the players, things to consider, controversial statements about both sides of the extreme, and conclusions about the problems we are having in America today.

Lastly, part four is called “We need real plans now”.  This is a set of proposed solutions and suggestions that will help open real adult conversations that can lead to real measurable change.

WHY? (sample from page 265)

“I feel as if it’s time for me to take all of the education I have from the past 6 years and apply it towards increasing the awareness and preparedness that the average everyday parent and student out there.

AWARE…..not paranoid.  And again, not a prepper…but prepared for life the same way your home is protected against fire with extinguishers and smoke alarms. Today’s world demands that we all take on the responsibility for our own safety.  Every day. Everywhere we go.

For me that includes finishing this book, the audio version, and videos that show certain aspects of the details within both. It also includes ongoing training including a few certifications to train others, such as medical training, Taser training, and ongoing firearms training.

I am also currently in the planning phases  taking the idea of hosting and producing a new online radio/ podcast / youtube show from idea to reality. “Aware and Prepared LIVE” is the working title, stay tuned to my social media if you are interested in following up.”

UPDATE: http://AwareandPrepared.live is the website and the show is LIVE Thursdays at 8pm.



You can see some sales and order the full book here:




Full table of contents and additional samples available upon request

CONTACT:  Kevin Reichard    |  Parkland, Florida, USA     kevin.reichard@gmail.com      |    954-304-4592



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