Do you say his name?


A friend of mine sent me this link and asked “was not mentioning his name in your book on purpose”?

CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE – “Don’t name them Campaign”

The answer is yes. Other than direct quotes, I tried my best to refer to him as the “killer” or otherwise. I don’t want to glamorize what I know to be the most evil piece of shit yet to go on trial. He has had enough mentions. Everyone knows his name. I just choose to refer to him as anything other than his given name.

I have not watched his confessions. I know what he did in gruesome detail. I know that he went back and killed people that he had previously shot. I know that he shot through people that were shielding classmates. He is the worst of the worst. I choose to keep his name from coming out of my mouth.

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FBI Fail: Parkland’s Free Pass?

The FBI failed the people of Parkland.  And we just let them slide.  They knew in advance about the threat, and did nothing.  After the shooting that ended with 17 lost souls, they took the microphone and admitted it.

And no one seems to care.

Here is a link to the FBI call transcript that came in a month in advance:

Read it.  Then ask yourself this:  who dropped the ball?  The answer is clear.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation did not call local police.  They did not investigate anything.  They simply admitted their mistakes and retained their aura of “THE AUTHORITIES”….

We will be digging even deeper on the live show tonight, including the call from the gamer that was an additional tip that went no where.


They have decided to publicly declare changes have been made.  Sadly, for us, it’s too little, too late.





The FBI Missed the signals: