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“A TIME TO SHUT UP” – book excerpt

Check out this video, a reading from the book about the time that was, when I needed to just shut up and be a dad to my kids. MOBILIZE RESCUE SYSTEMS  – Carry the kits that include a phone app to help anyone apply the needed care CLICK HERE  CITIZEN ARMOR – protect your life […]

Logically Emotional in Parkland is available now via Digital Download

Parkland father switches gears after writing Logically Emotional in Parkland: a unique perspective  (September 24, 2018 – Parkland, Florida)  Prior to February 14th in Parkland, Kevin Reichard was an online influencer and content producer with over 50 million views online.  Part of the firearms training world as “Kevin the TacDaddy” and host of Gun News […]

Book Release LIVE Tonight on Aware and Prepared LIVE at 8pm!

Aware and Prepared Live Book 📖Launch 🚀 night, stories from this week in Parkland and more 👍🏻 @mobilizerescue@ctznarmor@hiss_13@511tactical@walkthetalkus Please check out http://www.awareandprepared.live to help us do this!#walkthetalkus#mobilizerescuesystems#citizenarmor#americascrate Posted by Kevin Reichard on Thursday, September 20, 2018     LIVE  Tonight, we drop th ebook that has been in the works, go deep on how we […]

Mobilize Rescue Systems joins us on Aware and Prepared LIVE! Episode #2

  AWARE AND PREPARED LIVE – TONIGHT: Med Kits and Technology collide  |  HISS  |  Hurricane Florence Prep  | Parkland news from a crazy week and more Please support our partners and sponsors today! #mobilizerescuesystems  #Taserselfdefense  #CitizenArmor  #5.11Tactical #walkthetalkUS AMERICA’S CRATE – CLICK HERE SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

Do you really need to Carry a Gun at the Shopping Mall?

Most of us know to have our situational awareness game on point while visiting unfamiliar areas, but what about familiar places?  Places where normally there is little or no crime?  Places that have security guards?  Places like the mall?  Yes, the shopping mall is familiar, but is it safe?  The truth is that criminals see […]

Non – Lethal Defense: The Taser Pulse

I first saw the TASER PULSE at SHOT SHOW’s industry range day in Las Vegas in January.  My initial reaction was “well ALRIGHT! They got it right!”  The PULSE is a new, smaller, compact version of a TASER that is now shaped like a compact carry gun, and has many of the functions that pistol […]