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Tree of Life Synagogue Attacked, 8 dead

Pittsburg, PA:  Sadly, 8 souls were lost in an attack by a madman today.  Several police officers were shot, and details are still emerging. LIVE UPDATES:   President Trump made comments recommending an armed officer in places of worship. “This evil must end”, added VP Mike Pence. We will be speaking in detail about protecting […]

Bullying is NOT COOL

A couple of recent videos caught my attention this week. Both deal with bullies and the problem we have in America. One is simply disturbing, and the other opens up the conversation.  We will be having that conversation tonight on Aware and Prepared LIVE.  See you here at 8pm eastern…. First, this one, may be […]

Do you say his name?

  A friend of mine sent me this link and asked “was not mentioning his name in your book on purpose”? CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE – “Don’t name them Campaign” The answer is yes. Other than direct quotes, I tried my best to refer to him as the “killer” or otherwise. I […]


That’s right, PART 3 from my book is now free to anyone that wants to read it.  It is a look inside both sides of the gun debate, and seeks to inform and spark discussions. CLICK HERE TO GET THE 50 PAGE pdf DIGITAL DOWNLOAD FOR FREE It’s not about taking guns or infringing on […]