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Do you say his name?

  A friend of mine sent me this link and asked “was not mentioning his name in your book on purpose”? CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE – “Don’t name them Campaign” The answer is yes. Other than direct quotes, I tried my best to refer to him as the “killer” or otherwise. I […]


That’s right, PART 3 from my book is now free to anyone that wants to read it.  It is a look inside both sides of the gun debate, and seeks to inform and spark discussions. CLICK HERE TO GET THE 50 PAGE pdf DIGITAL DOWNLOAD FOR FREE It’s not about taking guns or infringing on […]

FBI Fail: Parkland’s Free Pass?

The FBI failed the people of Parkland.  And we just let them slide.  They knew in advance about the threat, and did nothing.  After the shooting that ended with 17 lost souls, they took the microphone and admitted it. And no one seems to care. Here is a link to the FBI call transcript that […]

Human Trafficking in Parkland?

The stats will disturb you.  The nauseating thought of a loved one disappearing is no fun at all.  It’s time for the first of many discussions on how you can help you and your family be better prepared to deal with the world we live in and the fact that this does indeed happen EVERYWHERE!  […]

Larry Sharpe on School Shootings

Check out some interesting comments from the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast.  Simple, to the point, I believe he breaks it down to it’s essence. Larry Sharpe on School Shootings Larry Sharpe, Libertarian Candidate for Governor of New York, talks about two things to fix school shootings without one extra law.#aNewNY #SharpeHollister2018Also follow Andrew Hollister for […]