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Logically Emotional in Parkland is available now via Digital Download

Parkland father switches gears after writing
Logically Emotional in Parkland: a unique perspective 

(September 24, 2018 – Parkland, Florida)  Prior to February 14th in Parkland, Kevin Reichard was an online influencer and content producer with over 50 million views online.  Part of the firearms training world as “Kevin the TacDaddy” and host of Gun News Weekly for 5 years, Kevin is an average everyday gun owner.

As a father of two students that were on campus, in the building next to the shooting, his perspective has changed dramatically since then.  His first hand experience combined with his background have led to this new book,  now available in digital form online.  The proceeds from the book are going directly to the daughter of one of the victims.

“I’ve been privileged to read excerpts from this book as it has been produced and I am looking forward to seeing how it impacts people. It is a blunt look behind a curtain that every parent has probably thought about being on the other side of. Kevin rips the curtain down and forces the reader to confront some uncomfortable truths. Regardless of whether you start from a Pro-Gun-Rights or the Pro-Gun-Control perspective, I believe this book will evolve any thoughtful person’s opinions on the topic of School Shootings, their prevention and their aftermath”.

-Rob Pincus

Rob is a Personal Defense Educator and author. He is the owner of I.C.E. Training Company & Executive Director of Personal Defense Network.

This gripping 400+ page novel contains gut wrenching moments retold from a truly ‘unique perspective’ and includes photographs and links, with four distinct parts:

Part one is the raw narrative of living through the 14th of February, ands the following months of struggles and triumphs that our family went through.  Stories about the vigils in our back yard, the funerals, back to school, the show must go on, the march, and much more are revealed in detail.  This is the emotional side of the story, the details from the ground.

Part two is titled  “Failed Leadership, More Questions Than Answers and Missed Signals”.  It is  a deep dive look at the BSO, FBI, BCPS, and specifically their leadership failures.  It also addresses many unanswered questions, and asks the ultimate question “Could the shooting in Parkland have been prevented?”

Part three is  detailed look into “Guns in America”.  It covers the players, things to consider, controversial statements about both sides of the extreme, and conclusions about the problems we are having in America today.

Lastly, part four is called “We need real plans now”.  This is a set of proposed solutions and suggestions that will help open real adult conversations that can lead to real measurable change.

WHY? (sample from page 265)

“I feel as if it’s time for me to take all of the education I have from the past 6 years and apply it towards increasing the awareness and preparedness that the average everyday parent and student out there.

AWARE…..not paranoid.  And again, not a prepper…but prepared for life the same way your home is protected against fire with extinguishers and smoke alarms. Today’s world demands that we all take on the responsibility for our own safety.  Every day. Everywhere we go.

For me that includes finishing this book, the audio version, and videos that show certain aspects of the details within both. It also includes ongoing training including a few certifications to train others, such as medical training, Taser training, and ongoing firearms training.

I am also currently in the planning phases  taking the idea of hosting and producing a new online radio/ podcast / youtube show from idea to reality. “Aware and Prepared LIVE” is the working title, stay tuned to my social media if you are interested in following up.”

UPDATE: http://AwareandPrepared.live is the website and the show is LIVE Thursdays at 8pm.



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Full table of contents and additional samples available upon request

CONTACT:  Kevin Reichard    |  Parkland, Florida, USA     kevin.reichard@gmail.com      |    954-304-4592



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Posted by Kevin Reichard on Thursday, September 20, 2018



LIVE  Tonight, we drop th ebook that has been in the works, go deep on how we got to this point, and get into some stories form this past week.  Thanks for watching please share it if you enjoyed the show.


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The full version drops this week, almost 400 pages from the heart.  You can buy your digital copy today and help our cause.


Here is a sample, thank you for checking it out.


Waiting outside is inexcusable 

The lack of action and proper protocol seen by the responding officers of the law is astounding to say the least.  It has many of the people who live here still enraged and asking questions.  Allow me to break this down to the simplest form, if I may.  Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado  was the site of what was at the time the most horrendous massacre at a school facility back in April of 1999. Two killers, armed to the teeth, attacked classmates and staff and were responsible for 13 murders and over 2 dozen injured.

SWAT teams entered the school 47 minutes after the shootings started.
Five hours passed before law enforcement declared the school under control.


The pair made home videos prior to the attack making references to what they were going to do and apologizing to their parents for it. They killed themselves with gunshot wounds to the head in the school’s library on the day of the shootings.

One of the massive takeaways by the law enforcement community across the nation after this event was the notion that responding officers would never wait again. Waiting for backup, SWAT, or other officers was now frowned upon as ELIMINATING THE THREAT became the understood absolute first thing to do and Standard Operating Procedure. The goal was to save lives and stopping the shooter that is actively shooting at innocents, period. Time was the major consideration. Again, waiting after 1999 is not a option when responding to an active killer episode.

Except in Parkland on February 14th, 2018.  Accounts and video proof show that the on campus, armed BSO school resource officer heard the shots and responded by finding cover and waiting for backup. He did nothing to stop the shooter. Andrew Pollack, father of student victim Meadow Pollack put it best when he called him a “mother fucking coward”.

In addition, there were BSO SWAT officers that arrived, armed themselves in front of the school, and were told to stand down. They “stacked up” behind the cover of vehicles and remained outside of the buildings. BSO Captain Jan Jordan, commander of the BSO’s Parkland district,  gave the verbal command over the air, telling deputies to form a perimeter around the scene — which they did instead of going in to confront the shooter.

I was aware of this on day one as the CSPD were the officers that rushed the buildings, took care of the wounded, and evacuated those that could be saved.

My question here remains as well – Captain Jordan, why was there an order to not enter?   Who is she?  And why would she do it?

What it should have looked like is simple. Any and all responding officers use clear communication and their training to run in, find an active killer, and put him down to stop the killing as soon as possible.

The order to stay out and wait is inexcusable. I will never accept anything other than complete incompetence or intentional sabotage as the reasons that this happened until someone can explain it to clarity and satisfaction. Its downright maddening, and I don’t see honest answers forthcoming anytime soon.

In addition, there were also two officers that were training at the nearby CSPD training facility and took the initiative to run to the scene and assist as they could. Get this – they were from nearby Miramar, Florida, a town 25 minutes away.   As a result of their actions, they were reprimanded! I’ll say that again, we are praising the BSO in the press and they stood outside waiting as kids died inside. The 2 officers that ran towards the action were suspended. You cannot make this up, yet it is 100% true.

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Do you really need to Carry a Gun at the Shopping Mall?

Most of us know to have our situational awareness game on point while visiting unfamiliar areas, but what about familiar places?  Places where normally there is little or no crime?  Places that have security guards?  Places like the mall?  Yes, the shopping mall is familiar, but is it safe?  The truth is that criminals see malls as soft targets:  with the vast parking lots, people carrying extra bags that make them vulnerable, and the constant parade of people more interested inter Facebook status than their immediate surroundings…. it is actually a crime rich environment, despite all of the security cameras and guys on SEGWAYS with a badge.

Here are our 2 TOP TIPS while shopping at the Mall:

1.  Situational Awareness
Be aware at all times  – where you are, who is around you and what is going on.  Get an idea of the the layout of the mall before you start shopping, and become familiar with the exits.  Have an actual plan for a meeting place  should you become separated with your friends or family.  Lastly, keep you heads up, off the phone, ESPECIALLY in the parking lots.  Walk confidently and avoid wandering aimlessly, most bad guys avoid people that APPEAR AWARE OF THEIR SURROUNDINGS!


Get properly trained and refuse to become a victim.  You have the right to protect yourself, and no one is going to warn you the day that they are going to attack you that it is coming.  It is up to you to be prepared and armed.  Even if you choose not to carry a firearm, there are plenty of alternatives that will give you a fighting chance, from TASER to Tactical pens and Pepper Sprays.

When traveling to the mall or any other public place, keep in mind that in many of these places you can become a soft target very easily: an unsuspecting shopper busy fiddling with bags, keys, cell phones, and other distractions.  Take these tips above and get an advantage on the streets, one that many of the bad guys will avoid.

Non – Lethal Defense: The Taser Pulse

I first saw the TASER PULSE at SHOT SHOW’s industry range day in Las Vegas in January.  My initial reaction was “well ALRIGHT! They got it right!”  The PULSE is a new, smaller, compact version of a TASER that is now shaped like a compact carry gun, and has many of the functions that pistol owners have become accustomed to.

We also met Annie, their product manager, and she showed us everything first hand.  This video shares our initial impressions as we shot the new PULSE on site at media day at the range:


Some things you need to know about the PULSE:

-The TASER PULSE uses Neuro-Muscular Incapacitation (NMI), as it shoots two hooked projectiles into the attacker and “stuns” them.  As the trigger remains depressed, you temporarily override an attacker’s central nervous system, limiting muscular control for 30 seconds.

-While the effective range is 15 feet, even if the barbs are pulled out, the gun itself is always a “contact stun” – added insurance in close encounters.

-It is LEGAL!  (in most cases),  click here to see what the local state laws say directly from the TASER website – https://buy.taser.com/taser-state-requirements/

-It features a LASER to assist target acquisition  – paired with a powerful LED flashlight, a battery status indicator, as well as shaved safeties and angled sights.

When I arrived back home from SHOT SHOW 2017, one of the first things I shared with my wife was the video on the PULSE.   She had been using the other TASER for civilians (now called the BOLT) and had experienced an issue with the sliding cover that protects the “trigger” on that model.   Soon after we discussed this new option, the PULSE arrived at our home.


My wife works past sunset many days, and the dark parking lot at her work is the main reason she carries a TASER.  A flashlight has also become a go to tool for her at work and elsewhere.  She does not carry a firearm, so the TASER PULSE seems to be the next best thing, we both agree that it is a fantastic option for our needs.

The size is perfect for purses, backpacks, or other off body carry options, it checks in at just .5 POUNDS with these impressive stats: Width: 1.25”  Length: 5.25”  Height: 4.75”.

The only accessory that I recommend is the BLADETECH holster that you can buy at the TASER website.  It is a molded kydex holster that has the positive retention that you may be used to with other carry systems you use.  The neoprene will work perfectly if you are leaving the PULSE in one place, but if you plan on transferring it from bag to bag or place to place, the kydex is the way to go.

Here is what comes in the box:



With all of these features, TASER seems to have hit the nail on the head for a compact, non-lethal alternative that will give you or a loved one a fighting chance.   The TASER PULSE retails for $399.